TEACHER TRAINING FOLLOW-UP- This is a teacher-led activity that aims as dispersing the learning acquired at the preceding LTT within each school.The teachers from each country that have participated in the training will be responsible to formulate their newly acquired learning into concrete suggestions, specific to the needs and curriculum of their school. These suggestions will take the form of a report or presentation, which they will share with their colleagues in a staff meeting or workshop, along with output that was created at the LTT.All countriesNov 2018-minute
Set up of project websiteRomaniaNov 2018
Facebook pageRomaniaNov 2018
eTwinning pageLithuaniaNov 2018
Creating and implementing questionnaires for students who dropout school-
The questionnaire will have 3 parts: 1- family situation influences; 2- peer
influences;3-Investigation on schools ethnic composition,learning success
and problems of children from immigrant families.
Romania25 Nov 2018questionnaires
Applying questionnaires and sending the resultsAll countries15 DecemberStatisctics
Each school will organise a local competition for choosing the best slogan for project.Students from each school will vote for their local representative project slogan.Then at the meeting in Greece, there will be held an international competition.The pupils from mobilities will vote for the most representative slogan of the project.The slogan is used as a case study to explore (a) all the meanings in condenses and (b) the elements that make a good and successful slogan.Applying this learning to our project, pupils write their own slogans. In the interaction stage, countries share their most effective slogans. They are translated into English, in each country’s native language/ dialect and in other
languages spoken by pupils at our schools.
All countries15 December3 slogans/country
Exchanging of winter cards for Christmas/New Year
Each project team will ask their students to create winter cards for
Christmas/New Year from different materials:paper, recycling materials, or online cards.These will be sent to partner schools,then posted on project website and in ERASMUS info corner from each school
All countries20 December5 cards/country sent in envelopes
In the parallel stage of the activity, each school organizes a competition for designing a project logo. Preceding the competition, targeted lessons or workshops are organized so that pupils learn the basic principles of logo design. In schools with the available resources and expertise, digital designs are encouraged. In the interaction and follow up stages, each school selects its top 3 logo designs and the resulting designs are put to online vote. All designs submitted at each school are combined into a collage and displayed at the schools. The winning logo will feature in all subsequent project activities and events. For example, pupils wear T-shirts with the logo at dissemination events. Material such as bumper stickers and fridge magnets
are purchased and distributed.
All countries20 January-logos
Designing online games for students-Each partner school will create at least 5 online games with interdisciplinary approach on each 4 parts with
interdisciplinary activities : Part1:Sciences; Part2:History,Geography,Literature,Foreign languages; Part
3:Civics,environment,entrepreneurship; Part 4: Arts,Sports, ICT. School from Romania will check the games before being posted on project website,
All countries30 January-online games
-interdisciplinary lessons
ESL Dictionary will be designed as an information tool,to facilitate
understanding of this phenomena and to assist people from entire world
interested in this issue.Dictionary will have a modern structure, paying
particular attention not only to rigorous definition of terms, but also to identify and facilitate its use by teachers, students,parents,local authorities.It will contain around 100 words and phrases common used on ESL translated in English and all partners mother tongue.It will be done with contribution of all partners but Romania will be in charge of collecting.It will have about 100 pages and it will be accompanied by an audio CD with translation in all languages,audio variant will be used by SEN pupils.It will be uploaded on project site and institutions’sites in order to be used by everyone with free access.It will be offered to schools’libraries,local libraries and involved in activities with pupils in social risk,integration problems and in ESL risk.
All countries1st February to send 20 words/phrases in English and translated in mother tongueESL dictionary
ESL DICTIONARYRomania1 MarchESL dictionary