Klaipedos Tauralaukio progimnazija

Tauralaukis progymnasium is a public school located in a suburb area of Klaipeda city that’s why it confronts with pupils from families with low income which can not always support their studiesaround 40 pupils,and 23 of them are in ESL risk.There are 190 students at school (age 7-14),56 children at kindergarten (age 3-5),20 at preschool class(age 6-7).We have 30 teachers.Although Progymnasium provides a guality educational opportunities for all of our students,there are around 23 students in social exclusion risk.We actively encourage all students to achieve the best they can and to continue their studies,although every year around 5 students drop out school .Tauralaukis progymnasium has a caring staff and offers a small school atmosphere where students actively participate and there is a high level of personal interaction between the staff,students, parents and local community.School offers small classes,personalized attention and extra support for each student.The school has close contact with a number of other schools in the area providing students with many opportunities to collaborate with other students but they would like to collaborate at international level,to communicate in English,to find out more about other cultures and civilizations in order to integrate better in the education and work frames from Europe.Teachers are able to share their ideas about interdisciplinary approach with other teachers and they are interested in exchanging good practices,to find out more about measures of avoiding school drop out.We want to take an active role in the project and work as a team because our teachers are active in the development of educational work. The key people in charge of running the project in school are: Principal Ona Šalkauskienė,headteacher Daiva Menclerienė,English teacher Ingrida Lekstutienė,IT teacher Alma Maskolaitienė,primary school teacher Lina Stasiulienė and surely there will be one of them who will continue the project. Our school is working with international projects from 2009:Comenius projectsOMCE "Our Mutual- Cultural Eunterprise" focussing on intercultural learning,use of foreign languages,use of modern communication media and modern technological,having as a result the creation of the international game.The ability to work in a team with partners all over Europe was a perfect simulation of the realistic life.2011 – 2013 worked on the Comenius Regio project “Be interested and you will succeed” focussing on the quality of learning and teaching by revising the pedagogical content,curriculum developing methodologies based on children's needs and competences and involving and supporting parents and the outcomes were assembled and published on the project website. 2015 -2017 eTwinning projects: “Let’s play”, “EUROSCHOOL TV” receiving the National quality label and European quality label.